Psychology Patient


Sadly, many of us experience psychological distress at some time in our lives, and counselling can help us return to a normal life in a much shorter time. Counselling can help to not only deal with issues of the past, but it can also help us to come to a place of healing and blessing.


The type of counselling we offer has a Christian core and uses a psychodynamic method. It is a talking therapy. That said, we are happy to explore the possibility of tailoring it to help people of other faiths or no faith.


Resolving inner conflicts through counselling may require clients to face painful buried memories. This is clearly not as simple as, say, receiving prayer ministry in a church setting. Our counsellors are skilled at guiding people through these challenges in a safe, loving environment.


We work with bereavement, addictions and relationship difficulties. If you are struggling why not contact us to see how we can help?


All our counsellors give their time for free, but naturally we have costs, which are funded by donations. Depending on affordability, we ask for donations ranging from £10 to £30 per hour.