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How we started

We began our work in 1995. That year we had a mission, which was completely inter-denominational. As the mission progressed, the mission team found that there were many broken people in the city, but no local agency equipped to offer prayer ministry. It was out of this need that CCHM was born. CCHM has sought at all times to be under the authority of the wider church and are always ready to give an account of ourselves and our work.

What do we believe?

As an organization we adhere to the orthodox teachings of the Trinitarian Church. We are a non-denominational organisation, affiliated to The Association of Christian Counsellors & National Christian Healing Fellowship. We are also members of the Evangelical Alliance and Gweini.

  • Directors & Trustees
The Leadership Team

Linda has a heart for the gospel and a very wide experience in counselling, prayer ministry and working with groups. She has a diploma in counselling.
Linda Alexander
Director & Trustee
Pat is an experienced mentor and trainer, co-developing CCHM's training courses. Pat has a Master's degree in Missional Theology, and a Diploma in counselling.
Pat Brooks
Deputy Director & Head of Training
Cathy is one of our counsellors and oversees our finances. She also works at Speak Easy.
Cathy Buchanan-Smith
Head of Finance
Christine has 15 years experience, a diploma in counselling and a certificate in counselling supervision.
Christine Hayman
Head of Counselling
Jackie very ably looks after our finances. She is a member of Woodville Baptist Church. Jackie has a Diploma in Counselling.
Jackie Perrett
From the Director

We’ve just had a great visit from Mike and Jinny Endicott.   Mike is the founder of the Order of Jacob’s Well, and has had some wonderful experiences of seeing miracles.   We’ve all seen Jesus change people in the psychological and sometimes the physical in small ways, but Mike suddenly found that his ministry took off when he followed the command of Jesus to talk about the Kingdom of God and let Jesus do the rest.   He explained to us that he spent a long time researching how to pray the Cross and discovered that the gifts of Calvary were the keys to seeing people physically healed.   We all listened intently, and are still digesting what he told us.

  • Mike & Jinny

We all know that the command of Jesus was to go out and preach the Kingdom of God and heal the sick… in that order.   We all felt very challenged because he was more or less saying put aside your methods, your learning,  and just tell people about Jesus…. Let his glorious heavenly light shine through the cross and bring that person into a place of restoration in body as well as spirit. I feel that this visit has changed our perceptions and I look with eager anticipation to see miracles in abundance.  Watch this space !!!   Linda

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