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How we started

We began our work in 1995. That year we had a mission, which was completely inter-denominational. As the mission progressed, the mission team found that there were many broken people in the city, but no local agency equipped to offer prayer ministry. It was out of this need that CCHM was born. CCHM has sought at all times to be under the authority of the wider church and are always ready to give an account of ourselves and our work.

What do we believe?

As an organization we adhere to the orthodox teachings of the Trinitarian Church. We are a non-denominational organisation, affiliated to The Association of Christian Counsellors & National Christian Healing Fellowship. We are also members of the Evangelical Alliance and Gweini.

Our Vision is to see the church in Cardiff and the surrounding area, fulfill the commission given by Jesus to His disciples, to preach the good news and heal the sick, and in so doing become places brimming with abundant life.

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John 10:10

The Leadership Team


  • Linda is a member of the Anglican Church in Wales and was called to the full time healing ministry in 1995. She has a diploma in counselling.

    Linda Alexander
    Director & Trustee
  • With many years of pastoral experience at Glenwood Church, Pat also has a Masters degree in Missional Theology, and a Diploma in counselling.

    Pat Brooks
    Deputy Director & Head of Training
  • Christine has been with us since our inception. Christine has a diploma in counselling and a certificate in counselling supervision.

    Christine Hayman
    Head of Counselling
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From our Director

It is 21 years since we began our healing mission. I was reminded of our journey as we met together as a team at Nancy’s farm in the middle of September. We spent time listening to God that day, and a word was given which we gladly received. It was, “ represent different traditions and are an exact representation of what church is. You reflect His wholeness“ ...that word was very encouraging but then someone had “ keep the main thing as the main thing”. Now with a title like ours you would think we know the main thing about our ministry. Sometimes I think Jesus must get tired of our lack of understanding and on our team day in the farm we started to consider the elephant in the room. Often seen as the obvious that can be missed. Sometimes the elephant is seen as something quite different depending on our perspective. Here we were, a mature group of Christians wanting both encouragement, and vision for the future. So why did we start to talk about elephants ......our elephant? We considered what an elephant means to each of us. He picks up heavy weights, including people. He can trample down snakes and scorpions. He’s always ready to go and ready to listen. Elephants are seen as wise and to shower others with water.....but some elephants are chained by one leg, they need to be set free in order to be what they are meant to be.As I reflect on the elephant and the first word I believe God gave to us that day, I realise that he is reiterating the main reason for our existence. Isaiah 61 was Jesus mission statement and I have always been only too aware that the proclamation of the gospel has to include healing. He sends us as a ministry to preach the good news of the Gospel and bind up the broken hearted and set the prisoners free. This we have done faithfully for 21 years. Only last week he sent us two people who came by accident into our prayer cafe. There they met the elephant in our room. Our team served them, listened to them, prayed for them, made them feel loved and cared for. Gradually we took their burdens and led them into a saving knowledge of Jesus. Both were healed in one way or from trauma in the past, and both were led to forgive as they had been forgiven. It was an encounter with God's living water, a new birth for two broken people..... a time to discover Joy. Over the past 21 years this has happened time after time....our legacy in Cardiff is huge. But as God reminded us on that team away day, we must keep our focus on the task at hand and not be side lined onto any other path. We must stay close to Him, His word, and His commands. The joy we receive from maturing in Him is fantastic and I want to thank all our team for pursuing the goal and being faithful to our call. Thank you Gods elephant at cchm !....let the trumpet sound....Alleluia. “they will be called Oaks of righteousness’, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendour” Linda Alexander Director December 2016