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 Join us as we gather together in the Light of Christ. 
You are invited to come and bathe in His presence and receive His healing love. 
Thursdays 11.30-1.30 twice a month (during term time).
In room 1 at Woodville Christian Centre, Crwys Rd, Cardiff


The light shines in the darkness John 1:5

The dates for the autumn term are:
13th & 27th September
11th & 25th October
8th & 22nd November
6th December




If you want to enjoy the relaxation offered alongside the café you can go into the main hall and lie down on a soft fleece with a pillow OR sit on a comfy chair.

We then pray for you and all the others who come. We play music, live and taped, and there is a lovely atmosphere of calm as we read words from the scriptures, or maybe a poem. We invite the Holy Spirit of God to come and minister to those who have lain there.

If you want to tell us your need then we are there to listen and pray (this is not counselling time, if you want counselling you can tell someone and make an appointment)
We gently move around the room asking for healing for those who have come. We trust in God’s healing grace.

If you are short of time, you can just pop in and out again, that is quite ok.


Tea and Coffee is available throughout the afternoon so you are free to come and go into the café.

Yes, the name of Healing Time has changed to Prayer Cafe. Why the change?


The numbers attending HT had reduced considerably, and as a group we felt a little jaded and were wondering if it was right for us to continue. Marina called the team together for a time of prayer and discussion. During the time of prayer Marina laid a ‘fleece’ before the Lord, asking that if He wanted us to continue would He give us five or more people on the first day of the new session in Sept 2015.


We also felt that we needed to make some changes, hence the change of name and decor improvements in the lounge, which is the cafe area. Attractive tablecloths and flowers now cover the tables. There is an art table along one side, and Sylvia sings along with her guitar. The drinks have also improved with the introduction of Cappuccino, Latte, herbal teas and chocolate!


Have the number of people attending continued to increase? Not really.


The first session six people arrived – confirming the ‘fleece’. Since then it has varied between ten and three, and on one occasion, none! 


If you would like to join us for our Prayer meeting, we meet 10.00-11.00am on Thursdays at CCHM.


Are we still to believe we are to continue? Well, let us look at the encouragements.


There continues to be the small number of regulars who find it a place of peace and refreshing. There are those who drop in having seen our board outside. One man came and sat in the lounge for one and a half hours reading his newspaper and listening to Sylvia. He much appreciated Sylvia’s singing, and complimented her before he left. On another occasion two came for the first time who had some emotional issues to deal with. They have subsequently gone on for counselling.


Two more found us on the web. One was a lady from Cwmbran who was new to that area, and felt very lonely. She much appreciated the friendliness, and we were able to give her information of churches in her area. The other was a man from England visiting a friend in Cardiff; he came specifically for prayer.


Then there was a Muslim refugee who had been sleeping rough, and was very hungry. We were able to give him a meal and talk with him, and because Woodville Baptist church has links with the Dar el Isra mosque, where they have a welfare worker, Marina was able to get in touch with them and give the man a lift to the mosque.


Finally, we want to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to all the faithful team who turn up regularly to help, and not just with the practical work, but also come early to pray.

Marina & Jackie

“My neighbours had told me about the Thursday afternoons that were set aside for prayer, worship and meditation.


When I had the opportunity to pop along, I found the room a place of quiet and stillness, a must for the hectic demands of life. It took me a while to relax and just be still in God’s presence, but as time went on, my thinking went from “I’ll stay for just ten minutes” to “a desire to stay put in this place of ease and quiet and prayer.”


Two or three people prayed for people as they felt led by God, if there were more specific prayer needs they prayed for those as well. I found myself appreciating the opportunity to ask for prayer for an issue that we as a family were concerned about.


I intend to go as often as my situation allows, this doesn’t replace my own daily devotions, but to go to a place where phones, jobs to complete etc. etc are not constantly demanding my attention, can only be good. Thank you to all those who make it possible.”

Kath, Cardiff